By: Hunter Sherman

Capital of Suriname - Paramaribo

History of Suriname - Carib and Arawak tribes lived in the region before Columbus sighted the coast in 1498. Spain officially claimed the area 1593, but Portuguese and Spanish explorers of the time gave the area little attention. Dutch settlement began in 1616 at the mouths of several rivers between present day Georgetown, Guyana and Cayenne, French Guiana.

Economic activities of Suriname - Mine alumina, and bauxite

Physical characteristics of Suriname - Suriname has a Tropical Humid climate with dry rainy seasons. the short rainy season is in December and January, the long rainy season from April to July.

Human characteristics of Suriname - Asian and African influences

Natural Resources of Suriname - Timber, Hydro power, fish, Kaolin, Shrimp, Bauxite. Gold, and small amounts of Nickel, Copper, Platinum, and Iron Ore.

Crops of Suriname - Rice, sugarcane, coffee, bananas

Leisure activities of Suriname- Most of the population fish, or play sports Such as Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball

Wildlife of Suriname - Armadillos, Wild Boars, Ocelots, Anteaters, Capybara, Spider Monkey, Howler Monkey, Tapir, and Jaguars.

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Picture- This is the flag of Suriname.
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